OUTDOOR SALVAGE LOCKER SALE. Hop to it. Bargain Bonanza! (More sneaky peeking) Check out new pic’s – new stock. Ready, Set, Go!

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Keen DIYour-selfers, architectural salvage fiends, bargain hunters, treasure collectors, antiques freaks, bric-a-brac boffins, vintage hounds, project planners, rummagers and hagglers alike – you will all get a kick out of our upcoming Outdoor Salvage Locker Sale.

It’s happening (weather permitting) this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (August 18th, 19th and 20th), from 10am to 5pm.

The annual city-wide Mineral Point Summer Garage Sale is also on, so it’s a riot of bargains across town.

The Salvage Locker is located at 724 Ridge Road, Mineral Point (across the street from Farmers Implement Store).

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll have in-store (well technically, that’d be, out-store), for you:


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20160817_181142        20160817_181323

20160817_181052      20160817_181305

20160817_181310      20160815_183616


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Honey Me This, Honey Me That, Honey & Bread is Where its At…

We’re buzzing about getting ready for Gallery Night (5pm – 9pm, Saturday, August 6th). Indeed we’re as busy as the bees who will be paying us a visit with their boss (no, not their queen, their boss), The Honey Bee Lady herself.

Fran Demo is bringing in a small, enclosed hive to demonstrate how the magic is made. Her bees produce the nectar of all honeys here in south west Wisco. Come on down to The Pear and try Queen Bee Acres Pure and Natural Honey for yourself. We will be smothering it on fresh baked, homemade sourdough bread. The bread’s name is Tony. Why is the bread called Tony? Well, if you’ve ever kept a sourdough starter alive and healthy, you’ll know it’s like having a pet, and needs to be fed twice a day. Who doesn’t name their pet?

Bread, (Tony), butter and honey. The bee’s knees or bust.

What a tasty old Gallery night we have in store for you!


Come to Mama


Hello Handsome


How you doin’?

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None of your bees’ wax.


Party animals.

Our featured artist Suzette Topper’s Wisconsin land, sea and waterscapes in acrylic have just arrived and we are organizing their display for Saturday. You can meet Suzette at The Pear on Gallery Night where she will be discussing her work. Here’s a sneak peek:

IMG_1232 IMG_1242

IMG_1233  IMG_1238

IMG_1239  IMG_1241


What’s the Buzz?

Our featured artist Suzette Topper specializes in Wisconsin landscapes painted in acrylics.

Arlene and The Pearettes are delighted to welcome you in joining us at The Pear & Salvage Home for Gallery Night from 5pm – 9pm on August the 6th, 2016.

In a fun and unusual twist, The Pear will literally be buzzing!
Local apiarist Fran Demo from Queen Bee Acres Pure & Natural Honey will be bringing in a small hive and giving a demonstration on how to make honey.
This delicious honey sells out faster than Fran’s busy bees can make it! Complementing the honey is a beautiful new range of beeswax products from GalPaca in Mt. Horeb.
In appreciation of your continued support of The Pear, Arlene has planned a mini-feast of honey-themed appetizers and beverages for your enjoyment.
We invite you to come and try the Queen Bee honey on fresh, homemade sourdough bread, alongside local cheeses, and tasty hors d’oeuvres.
We are also pleased to announce that The Pear will feature Wisconsin landscape artist Suzette Topper who will be on hand to discuss her evocative paintings and cards. Suzette’s work will be for sale, and if you are looking for something truly unique, she offers original artworks by individual commission.
We’d love to see you for what is sure to be a very tasty, intriguing evening.

Gallery Night with Jane Potocki

This Saturday (June 4th), from 5pm to 9pm, The Pear will feature the marvelous Jane Potocki for Gallery Night.

A gifted artist, yarn, and fibre expert, Jane’s joy in her craft is infectious. Entertaining, generous and instructional, Jane will be demonstrating her mad skills at the spinning wheel.

Come on down and see her weave her magic.

We also have a new shipment of lovely fair trade baskets and summer accessories in store.

Delicious snacks and beverages will be served.

We’d love to see you!