Saturday, December 2nd is Candlelight Shopping in Mineral Point and The Pear is decking its halls and ringing its bells. Join us for some magical Festivas fun from 5pm to 9pm.

We have Christmas elves serving Sock It To Me Santa Christmas Punch, homemade cookies, artichoke & garlic dip with veggies, and artisan Wisconsin cheese and charcuterie by Fromagination in Madison.  

There will be a drawing/giveaway for one lucky shopper to win an original oil painting of Santa by Karen Tarlton.

For those in search of the perfect gift, The Pear has oodles of lovely, unusual, handmade, 
one-of-a-kind, lust-inducing artworks, home goods, hand-knits and jewelry – something for everyone.
Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too? Fa la la la la la la la la.



Paddy Wax Candles are a fave here at The Pear. Gorgeous scents and long burning, a welcome addition to any room.


Pommes Frites Candle Co is a small batch candle company based in Los Angeles. The candles are individually hand poured, and made using domestically grown soy wax, cotton core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and apothecary inspired packaging.



Hail The Carpetbagger: Harriet Story designs and makes these masterfully crafted handbags and purses. A truly original heirloom gift for the accessory lover in your life.


We will be featuring DIY Charcuterie & Cheeseboards by Fromagination in Madison. Impossibly delicious artisanal Wisconsin cheeses and meats.
Hand crafted cutting boards and Fair Trade hand woven Baskets.


Put your name in the bowl and be in the draw to win this original oil painting of Santa – an 12×12 abstract palette knife impressionism on canvas by Karen Tarlton.




Fabulous selection of original and unique hand knitted hats, scarves, gloves & mittens.


Vintage home goods.


Original artworks by Susan Colby:


Original art works by Audrey Christie


Handmade fine silver jewelry by Lauren Powers



Here’s the buzz: Best honey hands down in Wisco and the world. Long reign Queen Bee.

Honey Me This, Honey Me That, Honey & Bread is Where its At…

We’re buzzing about getting ready for Gallery Night (5pm – 9pm, Saturday, August 6th). Indeed we’re as busy as the bees who will be paying us a visit with their boss (no, not their queen, their boss), The Honey Bee Lady herself.

Fran Demo is bringing in a small, enclosed hive to demonstrate how the magic is made. Her bees produce the nectar of all honeys here in south west Wisco. Come on down to The Pear and try Queen Bee Acres Pure and Natural Honey for yourself. We will be smothering it on fresh baked, homemade sourdough bread. The bread’s name is Tony. Why is the bread called Tony? Well, if you’ve ever kept a sourdough starter alive and healthy, you’ll know it’s like having a pet, and needs to be fed twice a day. Who doesn’t name their pet?

Bread, (Tony), butter and honey. The bee’s knees or bust.

What a tasty old Gallery night we have in store for you!


Come to Mama


Hello Handsome


How you doin’?

thumbs_dsc_0467 thumbs_dsc_0475 thumbs_dsc_0405

None of your bees’ wax.


Party animals.

Our featured artist Suzette Topper’s Wisconsin land, sea and waterscapes in acrylic have just arrived and we are organizing their display for Saturday. You can meet Suzette at The Pear on Gallery Night where she will be discussing her work. Here’s a sneak peek:

IMG_1232 IMG_1242

IMG_1233  IMG_1238

IMG_1239  IMG_1241



Flying kangaroos! It’s an Aussie Chrissie (Australian Christmas) at The Pear.


On Gallery Night, December 5th, from 5pm to 9pm, we will be celebrating the season like they do in Oz (Australia).

Unknown-1                       Unknown

Our featured artisans are also great mates (friends): The incomparably talented artists,

Audrey Christie:  Unknown

Harriet Story: 10391543_100570679966314_1340399_n

Both sheilas (ladies) will be on hand to have a chinwag (chat) about their latest work.

Come and have a squiz (look) at Audrey’s ripper (excellent) new range of cards and paintings,

ShadowsFavoritesCleaned     ImHomeCleaned

and Harriet’s bonza (great), one-of-a-kind, beautifully handcrafted purses.

HarrietStory_Handbags-19   HarrietStory_Handbags-17

HarrietStory_Handbags-2  You’ll be gob smacked (amazed) at the detail & finish.

We’ll also be chuckin’ (throwing) a few prawns (shrimp) on the barbie (barbecue), shrimponbarbie     5c89205da2260098fcc574453e845693

Dishing out some pav’s (delicious confections of crispy, gooey meringue, fresh fruit, and whipped cream), and serving Christmas trifles too.

balsamic-berry-sauce_0    berry-trifle

The Pear’s range of unique, 100% handmade, artisanal prezzies (gifts) takes all the hard work out of choosing the perfect doovalacky (thing) for the one you love.

Crikey! (Well I never). We can’t wait to cop an eyeful (see you) on, what is going to be a cracker (great) night!