Oh What a Night!

Gallery Night was such a huge success at The Pear with artist, potter and stone mason, Roland Sardeson.

GN @ The Pear Roland Demo     Roland at the Wheel  The artist in motion
From 3pm until late, Roland was nothing short of inspirational. Demonstrating his immense craft at the wheel, he was a font of information, good humor and bonhomie. There was no question – big or small, that he did not answer.

IMG_9826 (Click on this link to see a video of Roland at work).

While explaining the process of pottery making, he cited fellow potters and artists in town, such as Bruce Howdle, the Johnstons, and Coles (WindyRidge), with generosity and admiration. Indeed, he was constantly sending people out the door to go and check out their respective wares, skills and talents. That’s the kind of artist to artist, business to business support we love being a part of.

Future Potter in the making?A future potter in the making?

The Pear will continue to display Roland’s work for the next two weeks or so. Luckily for us, he brought in some more pots for sale. The art and craftsmanship is excellent, and the prices? Crazy good! (Not least one of the reasons we had pots flying out the door on Saturday!) Come and see them while you still can.

Who knows how many years it will be before he decides to get going at that wheel again?

Roland giving away pots for free Roland giving away some of his pots!





Charcuterie and fresh spring treats galore.

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