OUTDOOR SALVAGE LOCKER SALE. Hop to it. Bargain Bonanza! (More sneaky peeking) Check out new pic’s – new stock. Ready, Set, Go!

20160211_205112      20160211_205112

Keen DIYour-selfers, architectural salvage fiends, bargain hunters, treasure collectors, antiques freaks, bric-a-brac boffins, vintage hounds, project planners, rummagers and hagglers alike – you will all get a kick out of our upcoming Outdoor Salvage Locker Sale.

It’s happening (weather permitting) this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (August 18th, 19th and 20th), from 10am to 5pm.

The annual city-wide Mineral Point Summer Garage Sale is also on, so it’s a riot of bargains across town.

The Salvage Locker is located at 724 Ridge Road, Mineral Point (across the street from Farmers Implement Store).

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll have in-store (well technically, that’d be, out-store), for you:


20160815_183616        20160817_181225

20160817_181142        20160817_181323

20160817_181052      20160817_181305

20160817_181310      20160815_183616


20160815_121918_resized      20160810_150311_resized



20160815_121928_resized       20160815_115150_resized    20160815_113537_resized

20160815_120632_resized      20160815_121904_resized 20160815_120624_resized

20160810_100222         20160815_113550_resized

20160815_120414_resized        20160815_113518

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